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A Brief History

Of the Garden

History of
Loughborough Rectory Wildlife Garden


The land now occupied by the Steeple Row houses ( All Saint's View ), and the wildlife garden used to be occupied by a Rectory constructed in the late 1950s.

The Wildlife Garden was first instigated by former rector Stephen Cherry in 1996, when the rectory gardens became too large to manage. Together with Rev. Cherry, a group of enthusiastic volunteers formed the Rectory Wildlife Gardeners charity.

By sectioning off part of the rectory gardens, the charity established a wildlife haven to enhance biodiversity in the town centre and provide a peaceful garden for the benefit of the public.

The diocese sold the land to a developer in 2003, and the Rectory was demolished in 2009.
As part of the planning permission for the current Steeple Row housing development in 2013, the Wildlife Garden was transferred to Charnwood Borough Council to both ‘secure its retention as wildlife garden area open to the public’ and maintain the historical connection between the Parish Church and the Old Rectory - via a path called the Rector’s Walk.

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Garden & Surrounding Area


A Bit About Us

 Loughborough Rectory Wildlife Garden has been a community space since the 1990’s, providing a haven for people and wildlife just a short walk from Loughborough town centre.

The Rectory Wildlife Garden Charity is redeveloping the garden from its original layout to create accessible quiet spaces for people to reflect, learn, meet and relax. All in an environment which promotes local wildlife of all kinds.

As a community resourse, the garden is for everyone. We have accessible paths thoughout, seating areas, benches and a central lawn that can be used for small events.

We encourage local groups of all kinds to use the space.

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